Promises Made, Promises Kept

  • Delivered a “West End Park” which adheres to the wishes of the 3rd ward residents and quadrupled the open space in our neighborhood at zero cost to the taxpayer
  • Delivered an indoor recreational facility and gym in the 3rd ward for our neighbors to enjoy.
  • Delivered the only, currently operational, underground water detention system to mitigate flooding in the 3rd
  • Created hundreds of new parking spaces for public use.
  • Increased community policing in the 3rd ward.




  • Secured funding for roadway resurfacing t/o the 3rd ward; 4th, 5th St., Jackson St., Monroe St., Madison St., Grand St., Clinton St.
  • Advocated for multiple transportation options for our neighbors in the 3rd Ward; Hop Bus Services, Senior Shuttle Services, Light Rail Services, Bus Services, Bike sharing, Car Sharing, Scooter sharing.
  • Traffic calming and beautification throughout the 3rd ward using various roadway-surfacing techniques and pedestrian safety advances.
  • Fought for the protection of local, state and federal housing initiatives focusing on Hoboken’s middle-class residents.
  • Continue to identify land for smaller pocket parks throughout the 3rd
  • Advocated for inclusionary parks for our neighbors with special needs.



  • Established a “new standard” of community amenities and flood mitigation with all new development.
  • Secured a better deal with Hoboken/s Water operator to ensure millions of dollars were invested to upgrade our system while holding water rates at current levels
  • Led the way to upgrade Madison St park, Hoboken’s premiere Splash park.
  • Secured funding for Upgrades to Midtown Garage ensuring the health and safety of our neighbors in the 3rd






In Hoboken city government, experience matters. Over the past several years, I’ve been fighting hard to bring real results for the third ward on the City Council. One area in particular is transportation and infrastructure, which is always a challenge in Hoboken. As Chair of the City Council’s sub-committee on transportation, I’ve been able to help improve the quality of life by working in tandem with the Mayor’s office as well as with my colleagues on the council. Below are some of the results that I’ve successfully fought for: Made sure the third ward was included in the City’s repaving schedule this year: This year, we have had a record number of streets repaved in the third ward and throughout the City. I successfully negotiated adding additional streets in our neighborhood to the repaving program, including Jackson Street. Lobbied for pedestrian safety, including new stop signs and other improvements: One example of the many safety improvements for the third ward was the new stop sign at 3rd and Madison, to make sure all children attending the new park can get their safely. Assisted disabled and handicapped residents with parking: All residents who need a helping hand receive their fair shake from the City. To that end, I assist residents on a monthly basis with handicapped parking permits and other important needs. Led the Council in supporting additional grant money for transportation projects: Over the past two years, the City has received nearly $2 million in grant funding from Governor Murphy for road repaving and other projects. On the Council, I fought to ensure the 3rd Ward was prioritized in the improvements with this grant funding. Made sure the Washington Street Project was completed this year: Working with Transportation Director Ryan Sharp, we ensured the makeover of our main road was completed this year and without any further delays. Through Mayor Bhalla’s new Vision Zero initiative, the City is looking to make comprehensive changes, so we have zero pedestrian fatalities or injuries by 2030. As a part of this safety initiative, as Chair of the Transportation committee, I’ve been given the opportunity to serve on the Vision Zero Task Force. This means that all of our neighbors now have someone they can turn to and give feedback as we come up with our recommendations to the City. Over the next four years, this will continue to be a major priority for me, and I welcome the opportunity for you to give me any thoughts or recommendations you may have for our Vision Zero program. Please don’t hesitate to email me at or simply respond by clicking here. Thank you again, and I hope to have your support on Tuesday, November 5th in my re-election campaign.